ZPRA | Zanzibar Petroleum Regulatory Authority
Zanzibar Petroleum Regulatory Authority (ZPRA) implements the petroleum sector’s legal and regulatory framework, monitors oil and gas operations and the implementation of petroleum agreements, advises the Ministry of Energy of SMZ, and manages the technical data of the sector
ZPRA, Zanzibar Petroleum, Zanzibar Regulatory Authority, Regulatory Authority, ZURA, ZPDC
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ZPRAEstablished since 2016Established since 2016WELCOME
ZPRAZanzibar, RAK sign another key pact on oil, gas exploration
ZPRAZanzibar Petroleum Regulatory Authority


Petroleum Exploration in Tanzania begun in the 1950’s when BP and Shell were awarded concessions along the coast, including the islands of Mafia, Zanzibar and Pemba.


Downstream Operations include the processing and purifying of raw natural gas, marketing and distribution of products derived from crude oil and natural gas.


The implementation of the Government Natural Gas Project is in progress under the close monitoring and supervision of ZPRA

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Established in the year 2016



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