The Zanzibar Petroleum Regulatory Authority, is the regulatory authority established under Section 7(1) of the Oil and Gas (Upstream) Act, No. of 2016 whose acronym shall be ZPRA. Whereas the primary functions of the Authority is to Monitor and Regulate Exploration, Development and Production of petroleum in Zanzibar as prescribed under Section 8 (1) of such Act.

The mandate is underpinned in a legal instruments which are the Oil and Gas Policy of 2016 and Oil and Gas Act, No. 6 of 2016 which gives guidance on establishment of upstream regulator to effectively and efficiently manage petroleum upstream operations.

The main functions of the Authority are:
  • Monitor and regulate exploration, development and production of petroleum in Zanzibar
  • Advice the Minister responsible for petroleum affairs on the granting, renewing, suspending and cancelling of petroleum exploration licence, development licence and production permit.
  • Provide information to the relevant Authority for the collection of royalty, cost oil/gas, profit oil/gas, taxes and fees from petroleum activities.
  • Advising the Government on proposed development plans, infrastructure development, tail end plan and decommissioning of installations submitted by Zanzibar Petroleum Development Company (ZPDC) and Contractors.
  • Administer compliance of Zanzibar Laws and Petroleum agreements by all stakeholders.
  • Ensure the establishment of a central database of persons involved in petroleum activities, manage petroleum data and provide periodic updates and publication of the status of petroleum activities.


ZPRA has developed a Strategic Plan designed to be comprehensive, flexible to guide the Institution from 2020/2021 to 2024/2025 while being able to adjust to the changes and growth of the Oil and Gas sector in the country over time. A robust strategic planning process was conducted to ensure that the vision and goals set out in the SP are based on a thorough understanding of the new and highly complex sector. ZPRA sought input from a variety of internal and external stakeholders conducted an extensive document review and engaged in an honest assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the Authority which are expected to be encountered in the Oil and Gas sector over the next five years. The analysis identified six goals/objectives with their relevant strategies and activities/initiatives. The goals identified are:
  • To secure fund for ZPRA and contribute to Zanzibar economy.
  • To create conducive working environment for ZPRA.
  • To strengthen capacity building for ZPRA.
  • To effectively monitor and regulate the Oil and Gas Upstream operations in Zanzibar.
  • To efficiently manage upstream petroleum data.
  • To promote petroleum exploration in Zanzibar.